Photography FAQ


Why should I hire a professional event photographer?

The short answer to why you should hire a professional is consistency. Any amateur can get lucky and get one great shot or have the skill to make an excellent image here or there, but a great professional photographer is able to provide you with consistent results. I strongly recommend reading my article on how to hire a professional photographer for more information.

Does a photographers skill matter? 

Yes. A photographer with a strong grasp on the technical aspects of photography is able to be most creative. It is important for a photographer to not only understand how their camera works, but to understanding how cameras see in comparison to the human eye. A photographer that understands this is able to effectively execute their vision. You can read more on why a photographer’s skill matters here.

Why are images important to my marketing?

Still images in contemporary marketing are increasingly important. 80% of marketers use visual in their social media marketing while 32% of marketers say visual images are the most important form of content for their business. Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. Social media posts that include an image is 10 times more likely to receive engagement.

What do you focus on?

It goes without saying that details matter at an event. Much hard work is put into producing an event of any size and part of a photographers job is to capture that. But, a photographer’s priority should be on capturing defining moments of an event that both tell a story and evoke a feeling. Every image I make is about something, whether that be an emotion, reaction, or an interaction, there is always a meaning behind the photograph. I believe that images like these are what offer a window into what it was like to be there.

What is your photographic style?

I do not believe in developing an arbitrary aesthetic style. Rather I focus on capturing authentic emotion filled moments and interactions. When hiring a professional photographer, you are selecting someone to make images that accurately represent your event and/or brand. Therefore, my images are not overly stylized in post as they will have less latitude should you decide to have them further edited to match a visual style. Rather, than providing overly stylized images, I focus on making images that effectively tell your story or document your event. This will give you more freedom in how you use and stylize (if necessary) the delivered images.

Event Photography 

What is event photography?

Event photography can be a wide category of professional photography. We often think of wedding and mitzvah photographers as their own genre of photography, so typically when referring to event photography we are talking about everything else such as birthday parties, corporate events, conferences, red carpets, award ceremonies, marketing events etc.

What sort of events do you cover?

I cover all sorts of events both private and corporate. This includes but is not limited to: birthday parties, corporate events, conferences, religious ceremonies of all types, quinceaneras, Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs, red carpets, award ceremonies, marketing events, etc.

How do you handle low lighting situations?

I have both the knowledge and the gear to handle low light situations. Gear includes appropriate cameras, lenses, and strobes.

Do you backup my images?

All of your images are backed up on multiple hard drives as well as archived online for you. You will have access to your images at any time.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes I do. I am fully insured.

Do you provide videography services

Yes I do. I have a team of videographers I use that I know are able to capture the emotion filled moments and interactions I am known for.

Rates and Services

Who will be photographing my event?

Unless specifically specified I will personally be photographing your event. 

What are your rates?

My fee for most events is $250 per hour. Exceptions for smaller, private events can be made. In some cases a day rate my be applicable.

What is included in your hourly rate?

My rate includes images with basic retouching in high resolution JPEG format. 

Do you charge travel fees?

Not if in the Los Angeles area. Travel fees may apply outside of Los Angeles.

How many different shots do you take?

I do not shoot for a set amount of images. I shoot with intention and do my best to capture as many meaningful  images as I can. 

How many images are included in your rate? 

This varies, but on average you can expect somewhere above 100 images per hour. 

How do you choose which images are delivered?

I make sure every image offers something unique. I do not put the burden of selecting which of two nearly identical images is best on my client. I know my clients do not need 10,000 mediocre images: they need images that accurately represent their brand, tell a story, and can be used in their marketing.

How much editing is included?

Basic retouching is worked into my standard rates. This includes adjustments to exposure, contrast, color, and sharpening. It does not include advanced skin retouching.

How much do you charge for additional editing?

Additional editing can be provided at a rate of $50 per hour. However it is very unlikely you will fee you need any additional editing.

Which file formats do you provide?

All images are provided to you in JPEG format in high resolution.