using a bulk loader

Bulk Film Loader

Bulk Film Loader

Thank you so much for this, David. I will have a video coming soon on how to use this bulk film loader as well as how to use a camera that takes a 126 cartridge. I believe that I should be able to load it with film from the bulk loader. I've already loaded it up with Adox APX 25, a super slow film.

Heres some info on the Legacy Pro Lloyd 35mm Bulk Loader:

"Legacy Pro 63000 Overview Designed to be economical when shooting 35mm roll film, the Lloyd 35mm Daylight Bulk Film Loader from Legacy Pro allows you to load your own 35mm film cassettes for use. This classic daylight loading machine accepts one 100' roll of 35mm film, which can then be manually spooled out into individual cassettes for use. A helpful guide is also printed on the front of the machine to indicate the number of cranks needed to produce 12-, 18-, 24-, and 36-exposure rolls."

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