Los Angeles Event Photographer

I am a Los Angeles event photographer specializing in documenting authentic moments and interactions. I have been trusted for over 10 years by clients that need consistent results. Past events include:

Corporate events, private parties, birthday parties, trade shows, festivals, holiday parties, political events, concerts, product launches, and more. 

For inquires, contact the studio via email or call me directly.


(818) 275-1645

My Approach to Event Photography:

Being a technically good photographer means little when you are not able to capture the essence of an event. That is why when I photograph events my focus is on capturing the most important moments that tell the story of your event. Every image should be about something: Whether that be an emotion or an interaction, there should be meaning behind the photograph; An event photographer's priority should be on capturing that.

No one needs 10,000 lousy images. Corporations and non profits need photographs they can use. People want images that bring them back to a moment. Capturing the height of an expression can be a ringing reminder of exactly how they felt. And for those that weren’t there, a photograph should act as a window to let them know what it was like to have been there. 

This is universal. Whether photographing an event for Adobe like Adobe Max, something for Nike, or a birthday party, this never changes. My focus is and will always be on making meaningful images that really show what it was like to be there and that can be used in your marketing.

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